Adala Center Visits Human Rights Commission in Eastern Province

Members of Adala Center for Human Rights (ACHR) visited yesterday, December 25, 2012, the Human Rights Commission in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and met its regional General Supervisor; Abdullah AlSuhail.

They discussed the issue over the children who were detained for participating in the peaceful protests in Qatif region, and AlSuhail promised them that the Commission would consider their cases.

Members of ACHR, also, examined the possibility of cooperating with the Commission in educating the society and raising its awareness on human rights culture as well as the possibility of participating in the discussions with officials over human rights issues in order to accurately deliver the citizens’ points of view.

Moreover, ACHR members reviewed the work and activities of Adala Center for Human Rights and obstacles hindering it from being officially registered. They referred to the proceedings of court sessions; last one was on Monday, to Adala Center’s case against the Ministry of Social Affairs.

AlSuhail Commended the Center for following legal approach in demanding the registration, and emphasized that the Commission seriously puts all filed claims into consideration, and whoever had a case is welcomed.


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