The Administrative Court Considers Adala Center Lawsuit

The eighth session of Adala Center for Human Rights against the Ministry of Social Affairs was held up earlier today, December 24, 2012, in the Administrative Court of Dammam in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

It was expected from the Ministry’s representative to explain and identify the objectives that are adopted by the Center and that contradicts the regulations of associations and charities as it is claimed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In today’s session, the representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs has attended but did not provide the required reply, and requested a delay for response. 

When the judge asked the Ministry’s representative about why the Center’s objectives are incompatible with the regulations of associations and charities, he requested another delay to reply because the public administration of associations and charities did not respond yet. He, also, said that many applications for associations and centers were rejected for the same reason. Accordingly, the judge demanded him to submit his reply in the next session.

The lawyer of Adala Center stated that it is a legal response supposed to be made by the Ministry’s representative without referring to any other administration; especially that the period which was provided was sufficient. The representative responded by threatening to report the security authorities considering that the center is working without a license.

 Representatives of Adala Center for Human Rights cleared that their work includes communicating with human rights organizations and official administrations as one of the Center’s most prominent objectives.

At the end of the session, the Administrative Court gave a deadline to the representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs to provide a full response and required explanations as well. It confirmed that this delay is going to be the last one for the Ministry’s representative.

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