Supporting the Establishment of Dialogue between Islamic Sects Center in Riyadh

King Abdullah bin AbdulAziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques- May Allah Protect Him

May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you

Adala Center for Human Rights commends your generous initiative in the Islamic Cooperation Summit which was held in Makkah in Ramadan 26-27, 1433AH, corresponding to August 14-15, 2012, in which you suggested establishing a center for dialogue between Islamic sects in Riyadh. It is an initiative that promotes- from our point of view- the concepts of dialogue, tolerance and religious freedom. You had worked on supporting these principles through previous similar initiatives like the National Dialogue and Interfaith Dialogue

All of that is consistent with Article (12) of the Basic Law (1412AH- 1992AD) which provides “enforcing national unity is an obligation and the state prevents all whatsoever leads to division, sedition and fraction”. In your speech at the Shura Council in its fourth term in the third year (1428-1429AH coincides 2008-2009 AD) in which you stressed on that “The challenge facing us lies in maintaining this national unity and deepening its implications. The incitement of religious struggles, revival of regional disputes and preference of one stratum of a society over another contravene Islam's views and tolerance, and pose a threat to the national unity and the security of the society and the state”

Through our observations as a national center specialized in human rights, we completely realize the negative implications resulting from the escalating state of sectarianism and hatred incitement. Those factors pose a serious threat to the society, national unity and human rights and dignity. This initiative, absolutely, promotes the role and status of Saudi Arabia in the world in general and in the international human rights field as well as its role in constituting the international system

Adala Center for Human Rights believes in the extreme importance of this initiative in fortifying national unity and creating the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue between all parties in order to enforce justice and eliminate all forms of discrimination between citizens. As we are keen on contributing in promoting this approach and supporting this initiative, we- here- offer some proposals that could contribute in activating this significant project in a way that copes with our local status

-Enacting laws and regulations that criminate hatred incitement and sectarianism in different traditional and modern mass media as well as in religious conferences and Friday sermons; whatever the party was

-Prohibiting financing satellite channels that urge seditions between followers of different Islamic sects, and preventing them from having offices in Saudi Arabia

-Continuing the execution of recommendations of the conferences and meetings held by King AbdulAziz Center for National Dialogue; especially the ones about national unity enforcement, confronting extremism and necessity of moderation, and turning those recommendations into a work plan with a set timetable

- Balance in the administrative formation of the Dialogue between Islamic Sects Center must be considered in a way that shows intellectual and doctrinal diversity existing in the Muslims World

-It is necessary to have a clear administrative, political resolution for eliminating all forms of systematic sectarian discrimination that Saudi citizens suffer from in different public jobs and state departments as well as in some establishments and companies

-Supporting centers and institutions and local educational and informative initiatives that are concerned in spreading the culture of coexistence and dialogue, and involving them in the management, programs and events of Dialogue between Islamic Sects Center

In this regard, what concerns us- as national human rights center- is achieving the objectives that are anticipated from the Dialogue between Islamic Sects Center in order to effectively eliminate sectarian tension and hatred between various Saudi social groups, to ensure stability, understanding and religious tolerance, and to make religion to Allah and the nation to all

May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

General Secretary
Sadek AlRamadan

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